After 13 years, Sister Sin announced their breakup in late 2015, but it didn't take much time for singer Liv Jagrell to rebound, re-launching her career as solo artist Liv Sin. A music video for the fist-banging "Let Me Out" single can be viewed above as fans eagerly away her debut album, Follow Me.

Taking cues from the anthemic, old school rock / metal sound of Sister Sin, Liv Sin continues this ethos on "Let Me Out," opening with the song's quick, catchy refrain and bobbing rhythm. The song dives into darker territory with despondent, sustained chords that transition into a more sinister tremolo-picked moment before returning to the energetic mid-tempo chorus.

While the music plays on, we get isolated shots of the band, mainly Liv Sin, who sports an '80s throwback look, mirroring the aesthetics of the band's sound. Spliced between performance clips are hazy views of a woman seemingly confined in a room, anxiously scratching at the walls, mirroring the lyrical sentiments of "There's a war in my head / I cannot trust myself."

“The song is about what a person is willing to do and sacrifice to take themselves out of a destructive situation, sometimes with fatal consequences. We see it every day, the desperation in the world is spreading and gets people to behave irrationally. It feels incredibly good to release this single and finally show what we’ve been working on. I’ve found a really good gang of new band members and we can’t wait for the world to hear our songs and to come out and play live,” commented Liv Sin.

Follow Me will be released on April 28 on Despotz Records. The album was produced by Stefan Kaufmann and Fitty Wienhold, who are both in U.D.O.

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