In an upcoming interview with Slash on the ‘George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight’ show in Canada, the guitarist talks about a bevy of topics ranging from his time spent with Michael Jackson to growing up in an ecclectic community where his parents crafted classic rock album covers to a period when his mom actually dated the legendary David Bowie.

When asked what he knew about Michael Jackson’s world that the rest of us don’t really know, Slash said that his relationship with Jackson was strictly a professional one, “Michael, I only knew him for the most part, on a professional level. I don’t even think when he attempted o be any closer than that, that I even allowed it, because it was too crazy,” said Slash. “There’s being famous, and then there’s being that kind of famous and that’s a crazy world to be in because you have no sense of reality.”

On the topic of being famous, growing up, Slash was privy to many of rock’s royalty coming in and out of his home. His parents, who worked in the industry, crafted album covers and dressed the stars.

Things took a turn for the downright bizarre later on when his parents split up and his mom started dating David Bowie. Slash told the story, “My mom was dating [David Bowie], and so that was after my mom and dad split up... I knew him from the album covers.” He continued recounting the story, saying, “I mean, I liked his music, and it was an interesting time. I had to have been like, roughly eight, maybe nine years old, you know, so.... And they were never home. They came by the house every so often, he would come over, but, uh, you know, they were always off, sort of running around. But I went to a few Bowie shows as a result.”

As to how all of this history impacted his own life, Slash explained, “As I got older, then I started to realize that a lot of stuff that I had learned had sort of prepared me to deal with a lot of the stuff that I was dealing with in the present."

The Slash interview will air Monday, May 21, at 11:05PM ET on Canada's CBC Television; Slash's new disc 'Apocalyptic Love' is due out on May 22.

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