Slaves on Dope unleashed their latest studio album, Horse, back in October of this year and the disc has yielded one of the more interesting collaborations of 2016 as the band teamed with iconic Run-D.M.C. great Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels on the track "Script Writer." We recently sat down with Slaves on Dope singer Jason Rockman and guitarist Kevin Jardine along with McDaniels to discuss the Horse album as well as their collaboration.

Though there is some past with drugs and the album is titled Horse, Rockman tells us that the disc is written more from a social commentary standpoint these days than personal experience. Plus, the band likes to have a little fun with the writing process. "There's a lot of social commentary and a lot of play on words. The name Slaves on Dope is like a double entendre, so we're kind of having a little bit of fun with it," says the singer, who reveals he's been sober for 24 years.

Jardine also discusses the muse behind the song "Health Food and Heroin," and then all three get into discussing how the collaboration on "Script Writer" came to be. After meeting on Rockman's interview show, the pair discussed a possible collaboration and it turns out the track that the singer sent McDaniels was a perfect fit. "I started writing and I just wrote so much," says McDaniels, while Rockman adds, "It all fit with the theme cause it all deals with insomnia." "I never sleep, so I loved this song," says McDaniels. "I'm like, he's talking about me." Rockman says he was blown away by what the rap legend submitted, stating that his contribution showed that he truly listened and got what the song was about.

You can pick up Slaves on Dope's Horse album via the provider of your choosing at this location. And check out the video for "Script Writer" below.

Slaves on Dope with Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels, "Script Writer"

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