In the Hard Rock Football League, bands represent their respective cities in a playoff-like competition. This first round matchup is a thrasher, with Slayer's Los Angeles Blood stepping into a gridiron war with Anthrax's New York Mosh.

Inspired by Motley Crue's Vince Neil recently being awarded a Las Vegas Arena Football League team and Kiss having their own Los Angeles AFL team, we've teamed up with Ultimate Classic Rock to create the Hard Rock Football league featuring 16 teams.

As stated, this particular battle should be a full on brawl. Slayer will show no mercy as they prepare to rain blood upon their opponents. The Los Angeles Blood have spent seasons in the abyss, honing their talents and feel that a little divine intervention will help push them over the top. At present, Slayer are finishing some new music after issuing their song 'Implode' earlier this year.

Meanwhile, on the other sidelines, you'll find Anthrax's New York Mosh among the living and ready to stomp their competition. They're not only ready to bring the pain, but bring the noise, as well. They're ready to enter the madhouse and will continue to fight 'em until they can't. After this game is complete, Anthrax are hoping for a state of euphoria and a second round matchup. As far as music goes, Anthrax are currently working on a new album and releasing the 'Chile on Hell' DVD this fall.

It's a Big 4 battle in the first round! Vote for either Slayer's Los Angeles Blood or Anthrax's New York Mosh to advance in this playoff in the poll provided. You can vote up to once per hour through Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 8AM ET. The winner will move on to the next round. And, ultimately Loudwire's champion will square off against Ultimate Classic Rock's victor in final bowl game.

Loudwire's Hard Football League Bracket

Ultimate Classic Rock's Hard Rock Football League Bracket