Earlier today, Ultimate Classic Rock debuted a 90-second snippet of the new Van Halen song titled ‘China Town.’ The tune, probably the heaviest one heard so far from the band’s upcoming album ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ gets straight to the point starting off with a blazing Eddie Van Halen solo before the rhythm section takes over and David Lee Roth joins in on this tale of hard living.

In addition, with just a little over a week left for fans to wait out the Feb. 7 release date, a Dutch website just posted 30 second snippets of every song on ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ giving fans an idea of what the reunion of David Lee Roth and Van Halen will sound like as a whole.

With songs like ‘Tattoo,’ ‘Blood and Fire’ and ‘The Trouble With Never’ already rearing their heads in various forms from the first single to a scene on an episode of CSI, fans have already been given a good taste of what’s to come, but now the rest of the track listing offers up a little more insight for fans to dig into.

Three of the songs were pulled from the vaults as updated versions of older tunes; ‘Big River’ is an update of ‘Big Trouble, and ‘Outta Space’ gives ‘Let’s Get Rockin’ a facelift. The original songs were never actually released, but have seemingly provided an endless fountain of inspiration for the band.

Although short, the clips do prove to be great glimpse of what modern day Van Halen sounds like. If this trend continues, the band may release a full stream of the new album any day now. We’ll keep you posted!