Hard rock band Starseed are gearing up to drop their debut U.S. release ‘Peace Machine’ on Feb. 21, and Loudwire is exclusively offering a full preview of the album track ‘Return.'

The band consists of Russell Spence (vocals, guitars), Gerald Gill (guitar, vocals), Peter Wicker (guitar), Murray McChlery (bass, vocals) and Andrew Spence (drums, vocals). Most of the band members were raised in South Africa and Zimbabwe but then relocated to the U.K. They have also traveled around the world and played massive festivals, such as 2011’s Download Festival.

With a powerful melodic sound mixed with heavy riffs, the band has been compared to acts such as Alter Bridge and Stone Sour.

Starseed already have a pretty big fan vouching for their talent: Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson says of their upcoming album, “For fans of Soundgarden & Alice in Chains, 'Peace Machine' has plenty to savor.”

Check out a full preview of Starseed's song 'Return' below:

Listen to Starseed, ‘Return’