Steeve Hurdle, who manned the guitar for legendary death metallers Gorguts and began his own metal project Negativa, passed away on May 20 at the age of 41 from "post-surgical complications."

After Gorguts called it quits in 1993, the band re-formed in 1998. Hurdle was recruited to shred for Gorguts' third release, 'Obscura,' which received massive acclaim from both critics and fans. 'Obscura' signified the next step in the career of Gorguts, providing their fans with a more challenging and twisted assault of brutality.

Hurdle left Gorguts after 'Obscura' to focus on his self-incarnated death metal project, Negativa. Although that band was active for 16 years, they only officially released a three-song, self-titled EP.