Music will meet nature in a new Discovery Channel series this summer. Beginning July 9, the network will begin airing a six-part family-friendly series titled Hello World! that will take a look at the wonders of the natural world through the narration of some of music's top musicians, including Steven Tyler and Joan Jett.

In addition to the two rockers, episodes will be voiced by Christina Aguilera, Usher, Ellie Goulding and Dave Matthews. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series is being made in association with the World Wildlife Fund and is produced by Radical Media. There will be back-to-back episodes airing over a three-week span during the month of July.

“All of these artists bring a powerful love for wildlife and the environment, and we cannot wait to share these films with families across the world," said Rich Ross, group president of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science Channel, with Terry Macko, senior VP of communications and marketing at WWF, adding: “As we’re faced daily with news and information about the declining state of our natural world, this series brings a hopeful message that bridges generations to inspire conservationists of any age."

Tyler's episode is titled Red, White & You, and the description states that the show will provide the backdrop of how several critters like prairie dogs, hawks and wild mustangs like to spend their summer vacations. As for Jett, her episode Bad Reputation centers on animals like wolves, alligators and sharks that often get a bad rap. "It is important for us to learn about misunderstood animals and how they affect the ecosystem and support human life," says Jett.

So tune in beginning Saturday, July 9 for the first two episodes of Hello World! and come back the following two weeks to finish out the series.

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