The lights, the costumes, the makeup, the amazing stage show -- who wouldn't be awed by the mighty KISS as a kid? But it was truly the music that first turned a young Christian Martucci onto the band. When The Music Experience's Squiggy caught up with the Stone Sour guitarist for our latest edition of Gear Factor, Martucci confirmed that it was KISS' "Detroit Rock City" that inspired him to pick up the instrument at an early age.

Like many kids, a musical mentor made the initial introduction, with Martucci recalling how he first came to hear the band through their KISS Alive II album in the video above. While "Detroit Rock City" may have spurred his initial love for the guitar, it was another band, AC/DC, that served up the first song he ever learned how to play.

While chatting with Martucci, Squiggy got the insight on Christian's fondness for Zemaitis guitars. "When I think of Zemaitis guitars, I think of the classic rock stuff a little more, the Faces and Keith Richards played one and one of my personal favorites, Marc Bolan, used a Zemaitis," said Martucci, who made it his goal to track down one of the guitars when he learned they were making them again.

"I have two of those guitars out with me right now. They're designated to one specific tuning, for now, but I love them, man. They're awesome," says the guitarist. "I have one of the metal front models and I have one that's just wood with a carved maple on top and yeah, they're amazing. They're a 25-inch scale so they're a little bit longer than my Les Paul's and they work really well in the lower tunings."

Watch Squiggy's chat with Stone Sour's Christian Martucci in the latest Gear Factor video above. To learn more about Zemaitis Guitars, head here and check out The Music Experience at this location.

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