Stone Sour have been quiet for most of the year, save for social media reflections on the 10th anniversary of their Come What(ever) May album, but rest assured that the guys are working on new music. We had a few minutes to chat with guitarist Christian Martucci and drummer Roy Mayorga on the red carpet at the Bowl 4 Ronnie event in Los Angeles. Check out the chat below.

Roy, we've seen the social media posts on Come What(ever) May and the 10th anniversary. You were with the band back then. What stands out to you about that period of time?

Roy: That was my first time and that record just kind of came out of nowhere for me. I was in the middle of rehearsing for other things and the guys called me and needed someone to play on the record and a week later I ended up being part of the band. And now it's 10 years later and everything's been going great. It's an awesome memory and that record to me means a lot. It's the first thing I got to make with the guys and it's been great ever since.

Christian, since joining the band, you've had the opportunity to get well versed with Come What(ever) May. Do you have favorite song to play off the album?

Christian: Honestly, I've got to go with '30/30-150.' I love that song and it's a great live song. And recently I did some acoustic shows with Corey and we did an acoustic version of 'Zzyzx Rd.' and it was really cool. There's a lot of great songs on that album. It's hard to pick.

Roy: By the way, this guy [Christian] is kicking ass right now on the new stuff. I just have to say that.

Speaking of which, how are things going with new music? Anything you can share on the direction?

Roy: Honestly, it hasn't really been a thought out process on what we're going to come out with and what we're going to sound like, but it has just come together very organic, very naturally. It's not like this or like that, it's a whole new animal now.

Christian: I'm definitely excited for people to see what we've been up to. We've got a lot of cool stuff.

With the covers EPs that you did, did any of than help influence what's going on with the new music?

Christian: Obviously, we couldn't tour the last couple of years because Corey's in Slipknot so we just kind of wanted to do something fun for the fans of the band during the downtime. The band, as far as I know, hadn't done anything like that before, so it was kind of cool to do that, but right now we're just mostly looking forward to putting out our own stuff.

Roy: The process of that has inspired us to want to write even newer stuff. So while Corey's out, we're doing our stuff and Corey is writing his songs and sending them in and we're going back and forth by email and then got together through the last couple of years at my place and recorded a batch of songs at a time and now we have 18 songs ready to go.

Christian: Any excuse that we have to play together, I'll take it.

Our thanks to Stone Sour's Christian Martucci and Roy Mayorga for the chat. Stay tuned to see what 2017 holds for Stone Sour.

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