Stone Sour are enjoying some of their greatest success to date with the two-part album 'House of Gold & Bones,' and drummer Roy Mayorga is very happy to be part of it. Back in 2011, Mayorga suffered a stroke and there was concern about whether or not he would be able to continue, but the musician is happy to report he's recovered.

Mayorga tells the Lehigh Valley Morning Call that doctors revealed that his years of violent head-banging led to a dissected artery that caused the stroke. The drummer added that there was "a good seven, eight months" where he was not playing music, and that he was having trouble moving his left side. But rather than replace him, the group called off their tour and waited a year while he recovered.

Speaking about his bandmates, Mayorga stated, "That's incredible. I mean, that's a lot to be said for them. Those guys are truly my brothers, for them to do something like that … Most bands would have gotten somebody else to play drums, but they didn't."

Over time, the improvement began. "I got off the meds and got the confidence again to play drums and got behind the kit and then started recording this new album," explained Mayorga. "Almost two years later, I'm pretty much back to normal, and it's a miracle, man, I gotta say. I thank God and the universe and lucky stars I'm still here today. I'm just glad that's over with and I'm able to still walk and play drums and be here with my family."

As for the new record, the drummer says this was the most collaborative effort the band has enjoyed to date. "We all wrote everything together and we all brought songs individually to the table, but once we got them all, we just took them apart and put them back together again and each and every one of us put our own stamp on it," explained Mayorga. The first part of the 'House of Gold & Bones' album is out now, with the latter half expected in April.