Stone Sour may have taken a little bit of a break between records, but they're definitely making up for it with a double dose of new songs. 'Gone Sovereign' and 'Absolute Zero' are interconnected tracks that show exactly how hard-hitting their upcoming album 'The House of Gold and Bones Part I' can be.

The first part of the journey is 'Gone Sovereign,' a track that is completely off to the races with the frenetic power and fury of the intertwining guitar play of Jim Root and Josh Rand. Add in some thunder drumming from Roy Mayorga and it's definitely a driving song that is a good way to introduce the new album.

Singer Corey Taylor recently stated that 'The House of Gold and Bones' album was a "morality play," and that's in full effect here with Taylor belting, "So scatter all my ashes when I'm dead / And shatter every legend in my head / If only the commanded will survive / Is anybody else still left alive?" In parts of 'Gone Sovereign,' Taylor enters Maynard James Keenan territory with his vocals and pacing.

As for the second portion of the interconnecting tracks, 'Absolute Zero' is an absolute rocker. Taylor gives the portrait of a man dealing with a question of who he wants to be. In the song, he blasts, "Oh I'm not afraid / I'm getting into grievances again / You're looking at an absolute zero / I'm not the devil but I won't be your hero."

With combinations of both blaring and chugging guitars, the track drives along, and the hard-rocking journey comes to an end with the instruments dropping out and the "Hey-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ays" that call for an audience sing-along throughout the track giving the song an abrupt halt.

The album 'House of Gold and Bones Part I' comes out Oct. 23, with 'Part II' arriving in 2013.

4 Stars
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