During a concert in Toronto last night, Stone Sour’s bassist Johny Chow added a bonus to the band’s set when he proposed to his longtime girlfriend Christi Allen.

The group would be getting cheers anyway during their set, but the level in the room went up a notch once the audience noticed what was happening. She said yes and the happy occasion was caught on video by The Edge 102.1 so all the band's fans could share in their joy. While there's an embrace between the pair, Corey Taylor asked just to make sure all had gone as planned for Chow. You can witness the proposal in the tweeted video below:

Before joining the band in 2012, Chow already had a prolific career as bassist for several other bands.  In 2002, he played for the band Systematic with Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph. Systematic played on Stone Sour’s first tour. He made friends with guitarist Jim Root and kept in touch with him over the years. Several years later, just after he played a large festival date for the band Cavalera Conspiracy, he found himself with extra time on his hands.

Knowing he would have a year off, he reached out to several friends in the community looking for a gig to keep him busy during his sabbatical and was told that Stone Sour needed a bassist. Chow was hooked up with the band via mutual friends and has continued with them ever since. Throughout his musical career, Chow has also played for the bands Conspiracy, Soulfly, Fireball Ministry, Echo 3, Souls of Ruin, Maximum Penalty, My Ruin and Pushed.

With the already prolific career he has enjoyed in the rear-view mirror and the success the band is currently enjoying with their new album, the impending nuptials are the latest addition to the upward trajectory path of Chow’s life. Stone Sour are currently touring with Korn in support of their sixth studio album, Hydrograd. The album was released at the end of June and is already a big hit with their fans.

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