Guitarist Josh Rand is back with Stone Sour, after taking time earlier this year to be treated for "alcohol and Xanax dependency." He revealed in a new interview that the touring life has provided its share of challenges to his sobriety.

Speaking with Des Moines station Lazer 103.3, Rand stated, "Honestly, yes [it's been tough]. Europe, for me, was really trying just for the simple fact of when I was touring in the U.S., it was easy for me to have structure. That's one thing that I learned on both of these tours -- the U.S. one and then the European summer tour -- I'm a guy that needs structure."

He continues, "There was definitely times when the temptation was there, and it was a challenge, but I have a great support group within the band and the people that work for us, and then my fiancée came out midway through, so that was the extra support. But it was a little bit more difficult than what I thought going into it."

Rand spoke with us earlier this year about his battle with sobriety, explaining, “In January, I just hit a wall with things, felt just terrible and decided that it was in my best interest and the band’s best interest to step aside and get stuff sorted.”

“There was no intervention or anything," he continued. "To be quite honest, everybody had went through check-in at the airport and they were already through when I made the decision that I wasn’t going to fly to Canada and I was flying back to Des Moines. Our security staff actually informed them that I would not be joining them. Everybody backed the decision … I had just spun into a funk, depression thing. I just wasn’t happy and so that’s why I made the decision. I just felt like every day was a burden. I was just like, ‘This is crazy. I know I don’t have to feel like this.’”

Stone Sour will resume touring on Thursday (Aug. 23) at the Alaska State Fair and have a big run ahead of them opening for Ozzy Osbourne. See their current dates here.

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