A remastered version of Stone Sour's self-titled debut album is being release on limited edition vinyl for this year's Black Friday Record Store Day. The effort will also include CD of music recorded live at the House of Brick in 2002. The track listing is as follows:

Side A

1) Get Inside (Explicit Remastered Version)

2) Orchids (Remastered Version)

3) Cold Reader (Explicit Remastered Version)

4) Blotter (Remastered Version)

5) Choose (Explicit Remastered Version)

6) Monolith (Remastered Version)
Side B

1) Inhale (Remastered Version)

2) Bother (Explicit Remastered Version)

3) Blue Study (Explicit Remastered Version)

4) Take A Number (Remastered Version)

5) Idle Hands (Explicit Remastered Version)

6) Tumult (Remastered Version)

7) Omega (Explicit Remastered Version)

Bonus CD
1) Intro (Superego) (Live 2002)

2) Get Inside (Explicit Live 2002)

3) Orchids (Live 2002)

4) The Wicked (Live 2002)

5) Idle Hands (Explicit Live 2002)

6) Choose (Explicit Live 2002)

7) Rules Of Evidence (Live 2002)

8) Inhale (Live 2002)

9) Blue Study (Explicit Live 2002)

10) Cold Reader (Explicit Live 2002)

11) Blotter (Live 2002)

12) Monolith (Live 2002)

The effort will be limited to 2,500 copies via Roadrunner Records. It'll go on sale Friday, Nov. 23. Check out additional details here.

Stone Sour was originally released in 2002. It debuted at No. 46 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and was certified Gold in March of 2003. The song "Get Inside" was also nominated for the Best Metal Performance at the 45th Grammy Awards.

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