Stone Sour are back in the studio to record a new album! Frontman Corey Taylor tweeted photos and videos out to fans sharing the group’s studio return.

The band upped its game considerably with both House of Gold & Bones albums, Part 1 of which was released in October 2012 and Part 2 hitting fans in April 2013. The conceptual double album brought a new level of acclaim to Stone Sour from both critics and fans, further cementing the group as a hard rock mainstay.

Corey Taylor sent out these tweets yesterday evening (March 28), showcasing Stone Sour was back in drummer Roy Mayorga’s Burbank, Calif. studio — Room 237:

“It’s kind of going in a different direction than the older stuff, a little more rock ‘n’ roll … expanding the range again,” Taylor told Eddie Trunk in a 2015 interview. “There’s stuff on the horizon, but I’ve got Slipknot until, call it June of next year. It’s going to be, kind of, where I can, filling in the blanks and getting everything ready for when that happens.”

This next Stone Sour album will be the first not to include Slipknot guitarist Jim Root, who parted ways with the band shortly after skipping a Stone Sour tour to work on what would become Slipknot’s .5: The Gray Chapter.

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