Suicide Silence have revealed the full details for their fifth studio album! The self-titled record will see a Feb. 24 release date via Nuclear Blast.

Suicide Silence will be the band’s second album since the death of vocalist Mitch Lucker. Former All Shall Perish singer Eddie Hermida has helped keep Suicide Silence rolling the past few years, making his debut on 2014’s You Can’t Stop Me.

The band’s fifth album was produced by the legendary Ross Robinson (Slipknot / Korn) and mixed by Joe Barresi (Kyuss / Tool). "Well, working with Ross was a delight. As many people like to talk on the Internet that he's not a delight, I will tell you firsthand, a coffee in the morning and a little bit of soul searching in the afternoon is never a bad cup of tea,” Hermida recently told Revolver.

On the upcoming album’s sound, guitarist Mark Heylmun shared, "It's going to completely change everything you probably ever will think, and have thought, or ever will f—ing feel about Suicide Silence.” Hermida added, "The best way I've described it is, take a bullet train — one of those Japanese bullet trains — that goes, like, three hundred miles an hour, and then turn the steering wheel as fast you can, and there we are.”

Earlier this year, Hermida told us, “We were paying homage [to Lucker on our last album], paying respects to the legacy that was left behind, but now it’s time to pick up the reins and it’s a new band and it’s a new entity and it’s the perfect opportunity for a band to redefine themselves, to show the world who we really are deep down inside. We’re not little kids anymore and we’re not trying to prove ourselves in the heavy community. We’ve already made our name there and it’s time to spread our wings and see what happens. You can only learn how to fly by jumping off the cliff.”

Check out the track listing for Suicide Silence below.

Suicide Silence, Suicide Silence Track Listing:

01. "Doris"
02. "Silence"
03. "Listen"
04. "Dying in a Red Room"
05. "Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down"
06. "Run"
07. "The Zero"
08. "Conformity"
09. "Don't Be Careful, You Might Hurt Yourself"

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