Veteran hip-hop artist Tech N9ne is expanding his musical horizons. He’s embracing some harder-edged styles on his upcoming metal influenced EP ‘Therapy,’ which will be released Nov. 5. It features musicians Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) and Sammy Siegler (Glassjaw) and was produced by Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot).

The first song unleashed from the EP is ‘Hiccup’ (contains NSFW lyrics), which you can listen to above [via Strange Music]. Tech N9ne describes the genesis of the track: “It came to me in a dream. The beat has a punkish feel. There are certain things I wanted to touch on with that song like Charles Ramsey. It’s about evil people in the world who think they’re going to get away with bad things, but there’s always a hiccup in their plans because evil shall not prevail over angels. These ideas were on my mind—whether it’s the horrible stories you hear or things as strange as Twitter beefs. I’m proud of it.”

The connection between metal and hip-hop has been around for a long time, with Robinson being part of the origin of nu-metal. He produced Korn’s 1994 self-titled debut, which helped spawn the genre and influenced numerous ‘90s bands including Borland’s Limp Bizkit. Tech N9ne talked about working with Robinson on ‘Therapy.’

“I was always against going to psychiatrists,” Tech N9ne says. “I’m usually my own psychiatrist. Music is therapeutic for me. However, I went to one, and his name was Ross Robinson. We would just talk in the studio. It was super uncomfortable initially. A lot of your raw thoughts are embarrassing. I don’t typically share like that in front of anybody. Ross made me pull those out in front of him. He talked to me in a different way.”

Tech N9ne's 'Therapy: Sessions With Ross Robinson' EP can be pre-ordered at iTunes.