If you were to pick any two bands that got a kid to pick up an instrument and learn to play, it's probably Foo Fighters and Metallica. That's just one of the reasons that this video from a Foo Fighters' show where a 10-year-old covers "Enter Sandman" on guitar is so worth it.

The clip comes from a Foo Fighters' concert Oct. 12, 2018 in Kansas City. Dave Grohl, as he is wont to do, has invited a young person in the audience onstage to play something with the band. In this case it's a kid named Collier, who, when asked what he knew, says, "A lot of Metallica songs."

Dave wonders aloud if they know any Metallica songs as the guitar tech hangs an axe around Collier. Collier lights into the uber-familiar opening riff of "Enter Sandman" as Dave raises his arms and the crowds cheers.

Dave gets on the mic and shouts it out as the rest of the band picks up the beat and Collier blasts away. Collier does a couple more Metallica riffs at Dave's request. Then a little banter follows and Dave gives the kid a sweet parting gift: The guitar that the band gave him to play. Sick!

This is also a great watch since it's another shot of Taylor Hawkins having fun and bangin' away on the skins. Check out the video below and feel warm all over.

Foo Fighters Cover Metallica's "Enter Sandman" With 10-year old Kid On Guitar, Kansas City 10.18.22

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