Both live concert and backstage footage from The Cult's recent SXSW show, which saw them playing in at the 25,000-capacity Auditorium Shores, was filmed for usage in Terrence Malick's upcoming feature film 'Lawless.'

Rooney Mara, an Academy Award nominee and breakout star of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,' is starring in the movie and was on hand at the venue. She appeared onstage and in improvised scenes backstage with members of the band. Talk about living the rock star life.

Actor Matthew McConaughey was also on site, playing congas on two songs during The Cult's set. Check out the photo of singer Ian Astbury hobknobbing with Mara and McConaughey.

Astbury wasn't just hanging with A-listers while rocking SXSW crowds last week. He actually delivered an incisive, hour-long,clinic-style presentation that dissected the voice as an instrument. The discussion was moderated by Martin Atkins, who has served time in Killing Joke and Ministry.

Those who attended were not only educated about vocals tips and techniques; Astbury also dispensed advice for staying healthy on the road, sharing that hydration is key! Astbury also recalled tales of his encounters with the likes of Guns N' Roses. We're sorry we missed it, because if anyone knows about voice-as-instrument, it's Mr. Astbury.

And if you need more Cult in your life, stream their new single 'For the Animals' over at and check out the teaser visual (graffiti and all) for the song below. The single lands Monday, March 26, while the Cult's new album 'Choice of Weapon' is due May 22.

Watch The Cult 'For the Animals' Teaser