We recently invited frontman Justin Hawkins and guitarist Dan Hawkins from the Darkness to stop by for a chat. When speaking about strange occurrences that have happened throughout the years, the brothers told us about taking an international flight which got struck by lightning.

During the Hawkins' visit, they took us through a track-by-track breakdown of their upcoming full-length, Last of Our Kind, and gave us an in-depth interview on all things Darkness. First off, however, we're bringing you the terrifying story of their death-defying flight.

"We were in a real unpleasant bit of airplane trouble between Suncheon and South Africa," Justin Hawkins began. "It was unbelievable. Air masks coming down, women crying -- there were some stewardesses with ripped clothes covered in food, crying."

Dan Hawkins chimed in, "We dropped 2,000 feet. Once it settled down, the captain came out quite shocked and he was talking with people. He said in 25 years of flying he'd never experienced anything like that. We were basically hit by lightning."

Justin adds, "The pilot's brother was a promoter of one of the shows we did in South Africa. When he said, 'I thought we're going down,' he was underplaying it for us. [Laughs] It was a bad moment. We were very lucky, but we didn't feel very lucky in that exact moment."

"Maybe that f---ing idiot shouldn't have flown his plane straight into a f---ing storm," Dan suggested.

"To be honest, I knew Frankie [Poullain, bass] was s--tting himself, Justin laughed. "One of the seats that wasn't occupied; the oxygen mask came down and Frankie waved at it. [Laughs] It was totally weird, very surreal sort of few moments."

When we asked the duo if they were prepared to meet their maker, Dan responded, "It's funny what goes through your mind. I think most people are prepared to meet their maker when [something like that] happens. I know I was."

"I was actually very calm, Justin adds. "I would not cope as well now, I have a child. I didn't have a child at the time. I think it's different if you've got kids. It was terrifying. I've got this grey hair in my beard that wasn't there before." [Laughs]

The Darkness' Last of our Kind is set for a June 1 release date. To pre-order the album or grab one of many Darkness bundles, head over to the band's PledgeMusic page. Stay tuned for more from Justin and Dan coming soon!