The Darkness have unleashed another single from their upcoming album Last of Our Kind. The song is called “Open Fire” and is the second track they've unveiled from their upcoming June 1 release.  You can check out the full four-minute song above.

So far, Darkness fans have been praising the new tune in the YouTube comments section, saying things like "that song was amazing" and "possibly the most splendid Darkness song in many a moon!" While it features many of the things Darkness fans have come to love (e.g. guitar solos and chant-worthy lyrics), it is different from “Barbarian,” the first track they debuted from their upcoming album. For one thing, “Open Fire” does not feature any of the “dramatic monologues” which appear in the group’s previous release and some YouTube commenters are remarking how singer Justin Hawkins vocals sound more reigned-in and mellow on this track.

Last month, the Darkness released the official music video for “Barbarian,” which features a violent comic book character called “Ivan the Boneless” coming to life and eventually wreaking havoc on the animated version of the band members. Watch it here.

The band's upcoming disc is set to be released on June 1 and it will be the first Darkness album to feature their new drummer, Emily Dolan Davies. Davies joined the group right before the New Year, replacing drummer Ed Graham who officially left the band in 2014. Fans can pre-order the Last of Our Kind here.

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