As the New Year approaches, so does an exciting new era for The Darkness. The UK rockers have recruited Emily Dolan Davies as their new drummer and are planning to release a new album in March 2015.

Davies was involved with the recording of The Darkness’s upcoming album, tentatively titled ‘Cliffhanger,’ and frontman Justin Hawkins is excited about their new female addition. He told Classic Rock Magazine that their new drummer is a “hard hitter” who has “revitalized” the band and has the “chops and the attitude that you need to be The Darkness’s drummer.”

Her resume includes playing on Bryan Ferry’s album ‘Olympia’, touring with hip-hop artist Tricky and doing a U.K. festival run with Cher Lloyd. She replaces The Darkness’ founding member Ed Graham, who exited the band in late 2014.

Hawkins says the separation from Graham was amicable, stating, “For one reason or another, he wasn't capable of doing his job anymore. We're still friends with Ed. But now that we have Emily in the band, the worry is gone.” Back in 2013, we reported that The Darkness had to cancel tour dates because Graham was suffering from severe hip problems.

As for their new disc, Hawkins says fans can expect to hear The Darkness’s take on “medieval rock,” which he calls “medi-urban.” He says their vibe is “definitely stripped back -- with the exception of some mandolins.” The upcoming effort is The Darkness’s follow-up to their 2012 album ‘Hot Cakes’ and was produced by Justin's bandmate and brother Dan Hawkins at his Leeders Farm Studio in Norfolk.

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