"What an excellent day for an exorcism!" Called 'the scariest movie of all time' by many people, 'The Exorcist' began to haunt the minds of human beings in 1973. Starring Linda Blair in her definitive role, 'The Exorcist' tells the story of a child possessed by a demon who may or may not be the Devil. After the failure of modern medicine to alleviate the child of her illness, doctors recommend an exorcism. 'The Exorcist' progresses into a terrifying marathon battle between good and evil, with horrific results.

For many fans of San Francisco Bay-Area death metal band Possessed, the first song they heard from the band was 'The Exorcist.' The first track from the act's legendary debut album, 'Seven Churches,' 'The Exorcist' is arguably death metal's inaugural song. The intro for 'The Exorcist' borrows the trademark music from the film, creating a creepy ambiance before pummeling death and thrash metal greatness into the ears of their followers.

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