For all of you in an extreme metal band, you've probably been met with blank stares and menacing scowls if you've showed your music to your grandmother. She probably scoffs when you even use the word "music" to describe what you're playing and sweet little grandma refers to it as "noise." We have an exception among the elders as the Grindmother released her first song, "Any Cost," along with a nickel budget video.

A supportive mother of one of the members of Canadian grinders Corrupt Leaders, she helped lay down some vocals on one of the band's songs, which can be viewed below. Appearing to have a lot of fun in the process, she laughs and makes jokes, ultimately understanding why people enjoy playing this kind of music. Having had a taste, her appetite has grown and she is now venturing out on her own at 67 years young.

"Any Cost" clocks in at just over a minute with the Grindmother belting out rhythmic patterns over pummeling riffs. She even gives a nice "ooh!" after a sample is played before another riff starts. She clearly gets into it in the video, with her eyes closed and a grimace across her face. Hopefully, we'll see her hit the stage soon and outdo all the young whippersnappers of today. Keep up with the Grindmother via her Facebook page.

This grinding granny was even featured on Maury with some more clips of her laying down vocals. Watch the video below to check it out!

Put down your oatmeal raisin cookies and get sick in the pit with the Grindmother!

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