It's been a while but the metal gods have blessed us with a new slab of chaotic fury from the 72-year-old recording artist known as The Grindmother. She's back and this time she's rocking a blistering cover of System of a Down's song "Forest."

Grindmother's guitarist Rain Forest, who initially helped The Grindmother venture into the world of metal, says of the track, "My Mom and I recorded this song back in 2018, but I never finished the music until now. A few months ago I decided to try writing completely different drum beats for the song and at that point it really started to take on a life of its own."

Speaking of taking on a life of its own, the video for the System of a Down cover has some newsworthy figures filling out the band, with Jagmeet Singh and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bringing the wall of heaviness while a Bernie Sanders is keeping the energy high rocking behind the drumkit (wearing his mask but sans mittens).

Though not released as a single, "Forest" is part of System of a Down's biggest album, the 2001 classic Toxicity. Grindmother has taken on other heavy classics over the years after first appearing in 2015 with her first grindcore track, "Any Cost." See previous Grindmother performances here.

Grindmother, "Forest" (System of a Down Cover)

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