It’s not uncommon for bands to pay tribute to local musical heroes on tour, but it is the unique occasion when the artist that made the song famous is on hand and completely unaware of what’s coming. That was the case this past week when The Killers played The Alarm’s “Rain in the Summertime” while singer Mike Peters and some of his fellow bandmates were in the crowd.

The Killers were playing at Cardiff Castle, when toward the end of their set they broke out the cover for their performance. Peters told Wales Online, “Somebody had stopped me a for a photo when they started playing ‘Rain in the Summertime,’ so I didn't quite clock it at first then everybody was looking at me and cheering, then they all joined in singing.”

He added, “I think they had enough on their plate, so for them to play an Alarm song was incredible. It was such a surreal moment. They didn't have to do it but the fact that they still did makes me feel so flattered, humbled and honored. I had no idea they were going to play the song.”

Peters said he later found out his wife had a hand in the special moment, speaking with The Killers’ manager who helped set things up. “I found out she knew and wanted it to be a surprise for me,” said the singer, adding, “Brandon [Flowers] sang it so brilliantly. He's such a great frontman."

Watch fan-shot video of The Killers cover as well as The Alarm’s tweet capturing Peters’ reaction in the moment below.

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