Happy holidays, and in the spirit of the season, The Veer Union have a gift for their fans with the new Covers Collection, Vol. 1, arriving this Friday (Dec. 20). In advance of the release, the band has teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the premiere of their cover of Halsey's "Nightmare," as heard and seen the player at the bottom of this post.

Singer Crispin Earl says, “I have been a musician in the 'Hard Rock/Metal' scene for many years now, but I have always loved several different genres of music. I believe a great song is a great song and can be reproduced in several different ways and still be killer."

He continues: “We chose to do Halsey’s song 'Nightmare' for a few reasons: 1. We love Halsey, not only because she is extremely attractive, but because she is a bad-ass artist! 2. The first time we heard that song, we thought immediately that would be an amazing song to cover, which actually spawned the idea of expanding on that and doing an entire album of cover songs. And 3. There is no question that the lyrics resonate with a wide audience because they sure did with me!"

The singer adds, "We shot this video at the Armoury Studios, which is one of the most prestigious studios in Vancouver. Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Van Halen, Aerosmith and so many more have recorded there, so it was very cool for us to record and shoot the final song recorded for our Covers Collection, Vol. 1 album in such an iconic space."

See a few photos from the video shoot below.

The Covers Collection, Vol. 1 has already spawned their take on Flyleaf's "I'm So Sick," and also includes The Veer Union's takes on songs from Tool, Soundgarden, Justin Timberlake, Bring Me the Horizon, Rihanna and PVRIS. You can pick it up via Apple Music, iTunes or Spotify.

Look for more from The Veer Union in 2020, as the band plans to release new music in the second half of the year and will play a number of shows and select festival dates. Stay up to date with the band by following their website and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bandsintown.

The Veer Union, "Nightmare" (Halsey Cover)

The Veer Union, "Nightmare" Behind the Scenes

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