In 2000, Metallica took home a Best Hard Rock Performance Grammy for their cover of the Irish folklore song "Whiskey in the Jar." Noted for its similarity to Thin Lizzy's 1973 cover, the two bands seem to share a bit of history — though it wasn't always peachy. Founding Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell says Metallica are a "pack of b------s" after failing to pay him for a gig.

Bell recalled to the Irish Sun the time Metallica invited him to play "Whiskey in the Jar" with them in Dublin 20 years ago. In July of 1999, he joined the thrashers on a private plane to the city, where he expected to take home around 2,000 euros for his performance — though he did note there was never a formal agreement on terms of compensation.

“But I got handed over a big ball of Metallica t-shirts, key rings and hats. I got paid f--- all. Then they all f---ed off," the guitarist disclosed. “It wasn’t until I was sitting in my car on the way home I realized they hadn’t paid me. I thought I’d get something in the post but not a dickie bird."

Bell added that someone from his camp tried to get in touch with Metallica to see what they planned to give him, but they weren't able to make contact with anyone. “They are a pack of b------s. I couldn’t believe what they did, especially as they are so well off. I should have been paid £2,000 but got f--- all. It’s pure ignorance really. I should have been paid £2,000 at least but I got f--- all from them.”

Metallica are currently on a break, but will return in 2020 with double-headlining performances at five rock festivals around the U.S. See the dates here.

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