Thirty Seconds to Mars are riding high with their new album 'Love Lust Faith + Dreams' and their latest single 'City of Angels.' Singer Jared Leto and drummer Shannon Leto recently stopped by the Loudwire studio to discuss both the album and the single, along with a few other topics. With the short film for 'City of Angels' coming out today, we present the first portion of our interview with Jared and Shannon (above) along with the 'City of Angels' video (below).

In our discussion with the Leto brothers, Jared told us that 'City of Angels' is the "most personal song" that Thirty Seconds to Mars have ever written, explaining that it focuses on the two brothers' dreams of making it in Los Angeles. The pair also discussed the video itself, as well as the band's relationship with their devoted supporters.

The short film for 'City of Angels' features guest appearances from Kanye West, James Franco, Lindsay Lohan and a slew of other celebrities. Check out the short film below, as well as our exclusive video above. You can also pick up the album 'Love Lust Faith + Dreams' at iTunes.

Thirty Seconds to Mars, 'City of Angels' Short Film