Three Days Grace are taking the next step in their music career with new frontman Matt Walst at the helm. The group recently unveiled their first new song with Walst, 'Painkiller,' and now they've teamed with Loudwire to exclusively premiere the lyric video for the song.

The increasingly aggressive song is complimented in this lyric video by quick-hitting, almost subliminal imagery. Some of the items that flash upon the screen include an American flag, church crosses, a wooded cabin, solar powered windmills, a trailer park, empty school chairs, a slithering snake and a human skull.

Three Days Grace are currently in the midst of working on a new album, but 'Painkiller' is just a taste of things to come. Three Days Grace drummer and Loudwire guest blogger Neil Sanderson recently stated, "We went back to our roots as far as the sound and the process. The sound is more raw, more aggressive than what you have heard from us recently. The process is total collaboration. All of us in the studio passing the ball around with new song ideas."

Sanderson also confirmed that they will be back playing some shows later this month and have more shows scheduled in late summer, but their main priority at the moment is finishing the new album.

If you like what you hear of Three Days Grace's 'Painkiller,' the song is currently available at iTunes.