This year marks the 15th anniversary of Three Days Grace's self-titled debut, but they're not looking back as their sixth album, Outsider, is less than one week away. The band has already shared "The Mountain" and "I Am the Outsider" and now they've issued a lyric video for "Right Left Wrong," the record's opening track.

Moody synth work opens the song and the grayscale video paints a further picture of hopelessness. A masked woman dressed in white runs through the desert in the fuzzed out clips, her steps falling in line with Matt Walst's emotive wail as he belts out, "Sometimes I just want to run away, run away, run away / I only want to disappear, far from here, away from everyone..." The chorus adopts the popular "whoa-oh" backing vocal chant drenched in effects, set against the heaviest moment of "Right Left Wrong."

"To me, Outsider represents the journey to find your place," bassist Brad Walst said of the album. "The world feels crazy at times. We try to get away from that every once in a while. We do our own thing, and we're comfortable doing it. We have always looked forward — and not backwards."

Outsider will be released on March 9 through RCA Records and pre-orders can be placed here.

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