UPDATE: Tom G. Warrior has offered some clarification about recent comments concerning the members of Celtic Frost gathering to play shows in honor of late bassist Martin Eric Ain, reiterating that it would not be a full on reunion.

"All hail to today's 'journalism,'" says the singer. "No, I am not 'open to the idea of resurrecting Celtic Frost.' Nor did I 'discuss the prospect of a Celtic Frost comeback.' Nor will I ever. There will never be a 'Celtic Frost comeback.' With my departure from the band in 2008 and Martin Eric Ain's death in 2017, Celtic Frost are, and will forever remain, history. What * might * happen one day is that former members of Celtic Frost (myself included) might gather to play some of Celtic Frost's more significant songs onstage, as a sincere tribute to Martin. Should this ever happen, it would not be a permanent project, nor would it be 'Celtic Frost,' in spite of the fact that it would only comprise of Celtic Frost alumni. It would simply be a means to pay deference, perhaps for one or two concerts, to the deceased co-founder of the band. Will it ever happen? Only Satan knows right now. And that's what I actually said."

Extreme metal favorites Celtic Frost called it quits in 2008, but in a recent interview singer-guitarist Tom G. Warrior revealed that he's at least open to the idea of resurrecting the band briefly, if only to pay homage to late bassist Martin Eric Ain.

The musician spoke with Heavy Culture (as seen below), posing the idea that they might reform for "one or two memorial shows for him." Ain, who also played with Tom G. Warrior in Hellhammer, died of a heart attack in October of 2017 at the age of 50.

Elaborating on the idea of a brief reformation, Tom G. stated, "I have talked to the original drummer of Celtic Frost, Reed St. Mark, who lives in America. He's still one of my best friends. And we've talked about maybe doing one or two Celtic Frost tribute shows in memory [of] Martin Ain. We haven't really finalized these plans, but maybe we'll do that one day, that we'll play with just ex-Celtic Frost members who were in Celtic Frost at the time and maybe play a full Celtic Frost set that includes all the eras of Celtic Frost and maybe play one or two festivals and also record it as a memorial to Martin Eric Ain."

As for a potential reunion lasting any longer, he added, "We all think you cannot reform Celtic Frost ever without Martin but we could maybe do one or two memorial shows for him."

The original band formed in 1981 as Hellhammer, then changed their name to Celtic Frost in 1984. They split in 1993, but later reformed in 2001 and remained active through 2008. They released five studio albums, with 2006's Monotheist being the most recent. After their 2008 split, Tom G. Warrior went on to front Triptykon over the past decade-plus.

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