It's been more than just a Long Cold Winter for Cinderella fans as they anxiously await the day the band will mend fences and hit the stage again. The veteran rockers last embarked on a headlining tour in 2012 and frontman Tom Keifer cites that year as the one where band's internal issues became too much to overcome, leading to a hiatus that has extended to present day.

"Well, the truth of the matter is, there have been some issues with Cinderella within the ranks of Cinderella for years now. Going back decades," Keifer began telling Rock Revolt Magazine. "They came to a head in 2012. We took some pretty extreme measures to right the ship and fix things, and we made a pact as a band in 2012 that we would not do anything as a band until the issues were resolved. That’s how much it came to a head. The issues are unresolved, so that’s all I can say about that."

Earlier in the interview when asked if he had an update on Cinderella, he remained reserved, stating, "No, no. Not at the moment. We are on extended hiatus, my friend," adding, "Not a whole lot, no," when asked if the members still communicate.

In late February of this year, Cinderella bassist Eric Brittingham discussed the current state of the band on the Talk Toomey podcast, stating, "I don't think [Tom Keifer is] coming back. So that's probably the big question. I guess that's the big question that I have: what are we doing? 'Cause we're not making any new music [and] he is, so I guess that's probably the answer right there." He went on to say he believed Cinderella would lay low for roughly one year while Keifer supported his solo record, but four years later he is still waiting, keeping busy with four other musical projects.

"If [Tom Keifer] wants to do a tour [with Cinderella], I'm in. I'm glad that I didn't hold my breath. I'd be blue now," Brittingham added. "Like I said, Tom's having fun doing what he's doing, so I guess, all in all, I'm looking to do something more permanent, I guess, too. I don't know what that would be, but… We'll see. If any bands are out there that are looking for a permanent bass player, apparently I am free. [Laughs]"

Cinderella last performed on the 2013 Monsters of Rock Cruise and Keifer is set to appear at the 2017 edition as a solo artist. The singer debuted his The Way Life Goes solo record in 2013 and is currently working on bonus tracks to accompany a deluxe edition which will arrive later this year.

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