Tony Martin, the largely uncelebrated Black Sabbath frontman who commanded the mic on a total of five studio albums with the legendary group, hinted at the possibility of him and Tony Iommi teaming back up in January of 2016. It's been quiet on Iommi's front regarding his post-Sabbath career and Martin has now offered an update on the chances of the two sides making music together once again.

"It is definitely possible," Martin began telling Metal Jacket Magazine (video above). "I spoke to [Iommi] just a few weeks ago. He's bought a new house and he's building a new studio. He said he needs to set that up and get that all ready. But when he's ready, I'm happy to do it, and I know he wants to do it. And just the fact that he wants to do it, it's, like, 'Oh, yeah. That's cool. That's cool.'"

Martin's place in Black Sabbath history often goes overlooked and part of the reasons could possibly be that physical copies of the albums he sang on, The Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, Tyr, Cross Purposes and Forbidden, have been difficult for fans to track down. "Those albums have been deleted for a long time and I think they could sound better," the singer added, continuing, "Especially Forbidden… I hate that. It was the end of my time with Black Sabbath, so it's so… When I listen to it now, I think how I could make it better. So if [Iommi] gives me the chance, I would love to do that again. Yeah, the possibility is definitely there. If he doesn't die… [Laughs] But, yes, I'm happy to think that it will be sometime soon."

Iommi has been working on reissues for both Headless Cross and Tyr with plans to give Cross Purposes and Forbidden the same treatment. The guitarist is hoping to reconvene with Martin to work on new material, giving fans some bonus content along with the re-releases, much like Black Sabbath did with The Dio Years compilation which was released in 2007.

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