Trapt are ramping up to their upcoming 'Reborn' album with the in-your-face new single 'Bring It,' and they're teaming with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of the video for the track.

In the clip, the band plays against the backdrop of two female fighters going head-to-head in the ring, setting the perfect mood for a high-energy beat down. Of the track itself, singer Chris Taylor Brown tells us, "'Bring It' is a song that goes out to all the people in the world who have ever told you that 'you can't' do this or 'can't' do that. It is basically a f--- you to anyone who doubts you. This song is about overcoming all the naysayers/haters you have in your life and the fact that we all need to prove these people wrong -- those people who try and bring us down to their level. This song is about rising above criticism and persevering against all odds."

Brown also digs into the video itself, explaining, "The video basically shows the underdog taking on an arrogant champion, when no one else wanted to step up to her. She takes the champ's s--- everyday at the gym she works and trains at. When it is time to prove to everyone that she is the best out there, she does so, when everyone in her life told her she wouldn't amount to anything. It was a blast to shoot watching the two chicks go at it for hours, they really knew how to fight. I wouldn't want to get in the ring with those chicks, ha. It was also surreal to shoot a performance inside an octagon. I love MMA, I think it's one of the best sports out there and to kick some ass playing 'Bring It' inside that octagon was a huge adrenaline rush. It was definitely one of the most fun videos we've ever done!"

'Bring It' is featured on the 'Reborn' album, which drops Jan. 22, and is currently available for pre-order at the band's website. The first 500 people to pre-order via the website will receive an autographed copy of the album. There are also bundle options available that include the autographed CD, an exclusive t-shirt, and the download of the songs 'Bring It,' 'Love Hate Relationship' and 'Live Wire.'

Watch Trapt's 'Bring It' Video

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