Trapt are back with an engaging new video that speaks to the power of the human spirit. The song is called "Human (Like the Rest of Us)," and Loudwire is bringing you the exclusive premiere of the clip.

In the video (watch above), we see Trapt performing amongst the barren, desert ruins of a once great society, but the primary focus of the clip centers on a group of humans from different races and sexes that are all being held captive by a robotic alien being. These slaves are leading pretty depressing lives until a show of respect and humanity unites them all and ultimately leads to a more positive ending.

Singer Chris Taylor Brown says of the clip, "We are all bound by the emotions that we as humans are capable of feeling. When we numb ourselves, because the pain is too great, we are no longer human. To be imperfect, to be emotional is human. Your emotions guide you. Listen to them. They will allow you to feel empathy towards others and others to feel you. Only if you allow it. Open up and FEEL! Do not be afraid. The only way we can come together as one HUMAN RACE is through understanding each other. The only way to understand is to FEEL, even when it hurts the most. When you are hurting the most, others will feel it too. They will help you, as you do them. #Humanaboveall"

"Human (Like the Rest of Us)" follows the recently released single "Passenger," which also debuted here at Loudwire earlier this year. Both songs are currently available on iTunes, and will be featured on the band's DNA album, which is expected to arrive in mid-October.

In the interim, look for Trapt on the road building the buzz for the new DNA album. See all of their dates at this location.

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