If you're not familiar with Sweden's Tribulation and their mesmerizing metamorphosis from dungeon-rattling death metal to black-hearted goth-tinged rock 'n' roll, now is the time to rectify that. The band made a splash with their last record, Children of the Night, which saw them support the album touring under Ghost among others, and now these night crawlers have unearthed the details to their 2018 offering, Down Below, alongside a ghastly video for "The Lament."

Historically, Tribulation have made radical shifts in their sound with each ensuing album, but it appears they've finally found their sticking point, moving forward with the same musical ethos that dominated their last album. "The Lament" improves on the goth-addled rock of Children of the Night, retaining their extreme roots through bassist / vocalist Johannes Andersson's discernible yet rotting rasp. Melodies, whether dissonant or gleaming, can be traced at any point throughout the song either beneath the punky rhythms or upfront as a focal point, padding Tribulation's haunting atmosphere.

"We always plant strange seeds, seeds that when fully grown and ripened have taken their own often unexpected twists and turns. When working with this video we got to share that process with someone else who is also planting strange seeds," Tribulation began when commenting on the video for "The Lament." "Director and producer Robert Piel approached us and wanted to make a collaboration, which was something that we gladly accepted after seeing his previous work and after seeing how well we got along and how our cinematic references really overlapped. It's rare that you find people who have that creative spark that lacks in most of us and the discipline to fully get the job done. Robert and his entire crew had that! They all put a lot of effort and work into this and we all gladly endured the long and cold German nights. We hope you all enjoy our artistic amalgamation!"

Down Below will be out Jan. 26 through Century Media and can be pre-ordered here with the artwork and track listing detailed below. Before the full length hits, Tribulation will issue the Lady Death EP on Dec. 22, which will feature two new songs and is also available for pre-order through the aforementioned link.

Tribulation, Down Below Artwork + Track Listing

Century Media
Century Media

01. "The Lament"
02. "Nightbound"
03. "Lady Death"
04. "Subterranea"
05. "Purgatorio"
06. "Cries From the Underworld"
07. "Lacrimosa"
08. "The World"
09. "Here Be Dragons"

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