Sweden's metallic shapeshifters Tribulation have released their fourth album, Down Below, which expands on the band's seamless blend of gothic, traditional metal and black metal elements. Guitarist Adam Zaars spoke about the record on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio program, explaining the band's growth and influences outside the realm of heavy music. He also touched on how Tribulation write with certain moods and colors in mind. Check out the chat below.

Tribulation have a new album out now called Down Below and Tribulation have shown a very distinct evolution from album to album. What sort of growth were you trying to do with this new one?

To be perfectly honest we never really try anything, but I think we landed on something that was a little closer to the previous album than what we've done in the past. because in the past, in between every album there's been quite a significant change. There's a change this time around as well, but I think it's closer to the previous one than its ever been before. I just think its a continuation of where we are and who we are as a band.

This album has a big orchestral feeling to it. How conscious are you of similarities between classical composers and your own music?

Classical music is always in there. I think most of it comes from the inspirations we draw from movie soundtracks, actually -- specifically horror movie soundtracks — mostly Italian, but also from anywhere and from the U.S. as well. So I think if there is an orchestral feel to it, it's from the movies. We've always been very inspired by movie soundtracks, even on the first album [which is] almost 10 years old now. We've extenuated that part on this one a little bit more than we've done in the past.

Adam, watching the video for "The Lament" it's clear that imagery is an important part of this band. How much do you think about the possible visual aspect of the songs when you're writing and recording them?

We think not specifically in any kind of images, but rather the moods and colors and textures. When we started writing the album we went for a kind of wooden feel. But I think we ended up with a more stoney surface in the end just to give you some kind of an insight of where we come from and how we think. I think we aimed on getting some kind of getting somewhat of a "blue" feel to they songs, but I think we ended up with more of a red and probably yellowish, white kind of colors. That's why the album looks the way it does as well.

Adam, Oscar Leander is your new drummer. Musically how did the dynamic of the band change when he joined?

We've always wanted a drummer who can play more music than just extreme metal music. That's why we chose Oscar. I think he's bringing some kind of a heaviness that was there before as well, but he's got his own flavor. Specifically it's the groove and the heaviness that he's contributed to Tribulation. And also that he contributed in the songwriting as well. He got his ideas into the songs from the very start. That was a big contribution by him as well.

Touring for Down Below started in Europe. What are your plans for coming back here to the United States?

Well I can't tell you the plans we have but I can tell you that we are coming back. We are coming back this year, but I can't tell you when or how. We are very much looking forward to it, it's been a while and we love touring the States. We did four tours on the last album in the U.S. and Canada. So it feels like coming home when we go over. We're all looking forward to it.

Thanks to Adam Zaars for the interview. Grab your copy of 'Down Below' here and follow Tribulation on Facebook to stay up to date with everything they're doing. Find out where you can hear Full Metal Jackie’s weekend show at this location.

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