Trivium make quite a splash with their fifth album, 'In Waves.' While frontman Matt Heafy has said that he and his bandmates took a similar approach to the disc as they did with their second album, 2005's 'Ascendency,' Trivium take their sound and talent to a whole new level this time around.

‘In Waves’ starts out with and a short instrumental piece called ‘Capsizing the Sea,’ which has authoritative drums and bass patterns mixed with a certain delicate sound. The tune provides the perfect lead up to one of the most powerful songs on the entire album.

That tune is the title track, which takes the listener by storm from the beginning with the growls and yells of singer Heafy, who handles just about all the vocal tracks on the album. (Guitarist Corey Beaulieu takes over some of the screaming duties during the band's live performances.) With many catchy hooks and triumphant choruses, Heafy’s melodic voice is essential to several songs on the album.

A handful of the tunes have radio friendly appeal such as the album's first single, 'Built to Fall,' and songs like ‘Black’ and ‘Watch the World Burn.’ Both latter tracks have a certain groove aspect to them that makes them less heavy than the rest of cuts on the album.

Some of the heaviest songs on the album include ‘Dusk Dismantled,’ ‘A Skyline Severance' and ‘Chaos Reigns‘ (with a name like that of course it’s going to be heavy). All of these tracks feature intricate drum rhythms, up-tempo guitar riffs and some of the most powerful vocals from Heafy.

What makes ‘In Waves’ dynamic is the many layers the band displays both vocally and instrumentally, as captured in songs such as ‘Inception of the End’ and ‘Caustic Are the Ties That Bind.’

Heafy’s voice goes from screams to an angelic harmony in one of the last tracks on the album, ‘Of All These Yesterdays,’ which has a lullaby element to it at the beginning. It is simplistic, yet it has a swift pace and a epic chorus, not to mention an impressive guitar solo.

A special edition of the album includes bonus tracks ‘Shattering the Skies Above’ and a cover of Sepultura’s ‘Slave New World.’ All told, ‘In Waves’ is an album that both diehard Trivium fans and newcomers to the band will truly enjoy.


Watch Trivium Perform 'Built to Fall'