Trivium are getting their ducks in a row as they prepare for the Oct. 2 street date for their Silence in the Snow album. The band released the video for the title track earlier this week and now several more key details have been revealed.

The band just unveiled the striking artwork and the full album track listing for the new disc. For those who've seen the "Silence in the Snow" video, you're aware that one of the video's central figures wears a horned battle mask. That design carries over to the new album as a white plaster version of the mask serves as the cover art.

As for the disc, it includes 11 songs in total. In addition to the sweeping sounds of the title track, fans can look forward to the epic cut "Blind Leading the Blind" and the upcoming official first single "Until the World Goes Cold." Check out the full track listing below.

Trivium recorded the album with producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette and called upon Josh Wilbur to mix the effort. Pre-order packages for the album can be found at the band's website. Look for Trivium hitting the road with Tremonti on the HardDrive Live Tour kicking off Sept. 9 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. See all of their upcoming shows here.

Trivium, Silence in the Snow Track Listing

1. "Snøfall"
2. "Silence in the Snow"
3. "Blind Leading the Blind"
4. "Dead and Gone"
5. "The Ghost That's Haunting You"
6. "Pull Me From the Void"
7. "Until the World Goes Cold"
8. "Rise Above the Tides"
9. "The Thing That’s Killing Me"
10. "Beneath the Sun"
11. "Breathe in the Flames"

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