In a surprising turnaround, young metal act Unlocking the Truth is looking to sever ties with Sony less than a year after signing with the major label. Few details have been revealed by Unlocking the Truth or the band's management, but frontman Malcolm Brickhouse did address the issue at the world premiere of Breaking a Monster, a UTT documentary.

In July 2014, Unlocking the Truth announced a partnership with Sony roughly a year after a video of the band performing in New York City's Times Square went viral. UTT became an overnight sensation, eventually leading to a two-album deal with Sony. The band's contract included $60,000 for the first disc and up to $350,000 for their second disc. The contract also included an option for four additional albums that could push the deal's value to $1.7 million in total.

Given the heaviness and seemingly non-radio friendly sound of Unlocking the Truth's music, some were skeptical of the Sony deal. Unfortunately, things seem to have unfolded, leading to Unlocking the Truth seeking an exit from Sony.

"Our attorneys are working on our exit from Sony now," said Brickhouse at the Breaking a Monster premiere. However, band manager Alan Sacks told Billboard there were no other details to offer at this time.

Breaking a Monster documents the band's journey from obscurity to worldwide notoriety and sees UTT recording and filming a music video for a new track, "Monster." The film, which was reportedly well received, is currently looking for distribution.

Unlocking the Truth will be performing at this year's SXSW festival. They'll be playing the Dirty Dog Bar on March 17 and Clive Bar on March 21.

Unlocking the Truth on Journey From NYC Streets to Major Label