Valerie Bertinelli has a new book out, and in it, she opens up more about her relationship with the late Eddie Van Halen. While promoting the book with USA Today, she admitted she's "never felt love" like she felt for the guitarist, whom she was married to from 1981 until 2007.

After a long battle with cancer, Van Halen died in October of 2020. The rock world, of course, was absolutely stunned by the loss, but his loved ones were left with an immense anguish. Bertinelli started writing the book, titled Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today, just a few weeks after her ex-husband's passing.

"I wasn't expecting to write a book about grief when I started it, but I was in the thick of it," the actress said. "It actually ended up being very cathartic to write about it."

After 20 years of marriage and raising their son Wolfgang together, the pair separated in 2001, and finalized their divorce six years later. However, they remained in each others' lives.

"Ed and I grew even closer together," Bertinelli recalled. "We couldn’t live with each other, but we found it impossible to live completely apart."

"I can't make people understand this, because it's so personal, but I've never felt love like that," she continued. "Even through all of the horrible stuff that we did to each other, there were so many more good things. I just don't feel like I've ever been loved like that, in that way, from anybody else. I just feel a connection with Ed that I've never really felt with anyone else... Love isn't a big enough word for the feeling that Ed felt for me, and that I felt for him."

Enough Already greatly details the couple's relationship, so to learn more, order your copy here now.

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