If hearing the whole new Van Halen album ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ on its release date tomorrow (Feb. 7) isn’t quite enough VH for you in one day, the Howard Stern radio show is planning something pretty special for Van Halen fans.

Tune in to Sirius XM/Howard 101 at 2PM EST for a 5-hour uncensored history of the band, as they’ve appeared on The Howard Stern Show. The many incarnations of Van Halen have visited the infamous radio show several times throughout their career and now fans can hear it all in one shot, which according to the show, is going to be a combination of “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

The historical clips will dig deep into the Stern vault and include all past and present members except for Eddie’s son Wolfie, who hasn’t yet made his debut on the Stern show. Any fan of Stern knows that he conducts an interview like no other so the rocky history lesson should prove to be an entertaining and insightful look into the legendary band.

The promo for the special show offers up tidbits of what fans can expect, from Stern asking Eddie Van Halen about getting into a fistfight with David Lee Roth on stage to Roth’s colorful proclamations on what he brings to the band.

Disclaimer though, if you’re tuning in to hear new Van Halen music, you’ll be disappointed; you have to pick up the new disc for that - don't forget, tomorrow's the day!