Headbangers, it looks like we dodged another gut-wrenching death here as original Venom guitarist (now in Venom Inc.) Jeff 'Mantas' Dunn recently suffered a heart attack and a temporary loss of life before being brought back by emergency responders. He's now recovering and offered fans a rundown of these events in a new message.

"A day like any other, sun is shining and myself and Anita leave the house to drive to our next village. Anita needs a new inhaler so we call into the pharmacy to collect one . . that is when everything changes," he opened in a lengthy post on Facebook, noting the date of April 30. Experiencing what he assumed to be digestion, Mantas returned to the car, but was struck with "unbearable" pain. The pharmacy staff took a look and dialed up an ambulance and they soon called in a doctor.

It was discovered that two valves in the guitarist's heart were blocked. "I can remember calling Anita's name and then hearing my own voice saying 'fucking fight!' ... 'don't you dare give up!' ... 'FIGHT IT!' ... and then, nothing," he detailed. "I have been told that the paramedics and doctor fought for just over five minutes to bring me back... essentially I had died in the ambulance."

Medical professionals attempted to introduce a stent to solve the issue of blocked arteries, but it did not work, making a double bypass surgery the next option. "I am now home resting and recuperating, taking walks and slowly building my strength up," says Mantas, who quipped, "From this day on, going through airport security will be interesting as my breast bone is clamped together with surgical steel."

He went on to note how thankful he is of every "doctor, nurse or healthcare worked who has played some part, now matter how small" in aiding his recovery. Tony Dolan, Mantas' Venom Inc. bandmate and erstwhile Venom frontman who temporarily replaced Cronos, also flew in to visit Mantas as soon as he learned the news.

See the full post below.

Venom Inc. reunited Venom's 1989-1992 lineup of Mantas, Abadon and Tony 'Demolition Man' Dolan under the new moniker in 2015 and the trio toured performing classic Venom songs before authoring their debut, Avé, in 2017.

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