New year, new feature! Welcome to Chuck's Fight Club, where Loudwire Nights host Chuck Armstrong will weekly bring you a new voting challenge, trying to answer some of rock and metal's most difficult questions in the process.

In our opening matchup, the longtime avid Metallica fan has decided to ask you, the fans and listeners, which Metallica title track is their best — "Ride the Lightning" or "Master of Puppets."

Both songs will be featured at 8PM during Monday night's airing of Loudwire Nights, with Chuck spending time with each song individually at 8PM both Tuesday and Wednesday, before the listener-voted winning track is revealed at 8PM during the Friday broadcast of Loudwire Nights.

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And remember, the first rule of Chuck's Fight Club is "You vote!," so make sure to let your voices be heard by voting for your pick below. Voting will close on Friday just before the start of Loudwire Nights' Friday broadcast.

And just this reminder, Loudwire Nights with Chuck Armstrong airs nightly starting at 7PM ET. You can tune in anytime, from anywhere right here or by downloading the Loudwire app.

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