Saaaalute! We're back for another edition of Loudwire's Gear Factor, powered by Sweetwater, and guitar great John 5 is ready to display some fresh riffage from his new album Invasion that comes from his ever eclectic mind.

The Music Experience's Squiggy traveled to the guitarist's home, where he got a first hand demonstration featuring some of John 5's favorite riffs from his new album. First up is a song called "Howdy" that falls outside of what you might expect, inspired by one of the '70s long running musical TV shows.

“It’s kind of my tribute to Hee-Haw and it’s total bluegrass," says John 5, ready to do some pickin' and grinnin' for the camera. John 5 and Squiggy bond of their love of the Roy Clark and Buck Owens-led show, with John 5 stating, “They’re all just totally shredding up there.”

Even though he's more known for his work with the likes of metal leaning faves like Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson as well as his own solo work, John 5 found one of his earliest influences in the way that these country superstars played. “They’re playing the song and then the drummer will speed up, speed up, speed up,” says the guitarist, who then showcased some of his own nimble fretboard mastery keeping up the feverish pace. “It’s fun doing that stuff," confesses John 5. "It just changes it up, especially in a live show. It’s like heavy, heavy, heavy, and then you do something like that.”

That's not the only curveball stylistically on the album, as John 5 also reveals that his song "Crank It" came from listening to what his teenage son was playing. “A lot of DJ stuff has really good riffs," says the guitarist. "So I thought how rad would it be to have a DJ ... what if there was a DJ who was up there doing all these sounds? What if he was performing?”

The guitarist then unleashes the heavier, but DJ influenced sounds of "Crank It" to the delight of Squiggy and the viewing audience. "I just enjoy that kind of stuff where if something is hooky, catchy, I’m like why not? It doesn’t matter if it’s rock or anything that’s good, I love it.”

You'll be able to get a taste of John 5 and the Creatures' Invasion album when it arrives this summer. Plus, if John has inspired you to pick up the guitar and expand your musical horizons, be sure to visit for all your gear needs.

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