Everyone has their holiday traditions and things that must happen in order for their Christmas to be complete, and We as Human's Justin Cordle is no exception. The singer recently spoke with Loudwire and told us that Christmas is easily one of his favorite holidays and there's one key element to making the season right.

He explains, "I love laying under the Christmas tree and sleeping. We had a wood fireplace [when I was young] and snow outside and candy canes. I love it all. Christmas is just an awesome holiday. And Christmas music … Johnny Mathis. It's not Christmas for me until I hear Johnny Mathis Christmas songs and then it's on like Donkey Kong, man. Let's just throw glitter over everything. I just love the holidays."

While Cordle loves Christmas, there's still one item from his youth that he's holding out hope will eventually come. The frontman says, "I remember looking through Sears catalogs cause we didn't have the Internet where I lived. I grew up deep, deep, deep in the forest of Idaho, like our mailbox was seven miles from our house … But I remember looking at these catalogs and there was a 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' bed tent. I don't know if they even have them anymore, but it was a tent that went over your bed with the matching sleeping bag and pillow and I wanted it. That's all I wanted and I never got it, so I'm still asking Santa Claus for it."

2013 has been a blessed year for We as Human, as the group scored their first major hit, 'Strike Back,' and issued their self-titled major label debut disc. Stay tuned for our full interview with Justin Cordle.