Last month, a Ronnie James Dio hologram debuted during Dio Disciples' set at Wacken Open Air, performing his signature closer, "We Rock," to the festival crowd in Germany. With ambitions to take the hologram on the road for a full scale tour, it has left fans torn. Wendy Dio feels Ronnie would have loved this idea, however.

"I wanted it to be special for the fans," she began telling Lucas H. Gordon (video above). "I wanted it to be something that the fans that loved Ronnie could come and see him again, ones that never were fortunate enough to see him could see him."

Wendy went on to give an endorsement on behalf of the late legend, adding, "Ronnie I'm sure has given his approval because Ronnie was always into fantasy as we know. He loved Disneyland, the crystal ball with the lady talking in it so we, in 1986, we kind of created a crystal ball where Ronnie came down on the Sacred Heart tour and he talked with a projection, so I think Ronnie would really be interested in this and it was just something that we did with love and we thought the fans would really enjoy."

"It was quite emotional when I saw it," she followed up. Explaining how she went into the photo pit during the hologram's performance, the singer's widow said she was up close with the fans as well, experiencing it with them.

Before speaking about the hologram, Wendy revealed the release date of the Decade of Dio: 1983 - 1993 vinyl box set. The fully remastered set of the first six Dio albums will arrive on Oct. 4. Pre-orders can be placed here and for the CD set, head to Amazon. Also including in the vinyl set is an additional seven inch single featuring the "Holy Diver" 1983 B-side version of "Evil Eyes" as well as the lone Intermission studio cut, "Time to Burn."

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