The Westboro Baptist Church protested Warped Tour last week, but it’s the bands who got the last laugh. A bunch of musicians crashed the protest, trolling the religious group with man-on-man makeout sessions and “F—k the Westboro Baptist Church” shirts.

The Westboro Baptist Church has become infamous for its protests and hateful signs and the Vans Warped Tour protest is hardly the first time they’ve gone after rock music. In fact, they’ll be protesting Green Day’s Kansas City show on Aug. 11, so make sure to say, "Hi," to the group.

The Warped protest was announced with this press release:

Our young generation believes they can make a game of sin and mock God but suffer no consequences. The modern lifestyle of decadent hedonism leads to eternal misery as the wages of sin are death. The youth of this doomed nation set up these rock stars like golden idols of old that God warned us about. These musicians and celebrities are not worthy of worship and adulation. They have no power to save your soul from eternal hellfire. Instead of learning the lyrics and chords to these songs, focus on learning what the Lord requires of you.

Blackcraft Spirits printed out the “F—k the Westboro Baptist Church” shirts and handed them out to bands:

Some excellent trolling came courtesy of I Prevail, Creeper, Stick to Your Guns and many others:

Warped Tour 2017 is wrapping up this year’s summer dates with three more shows in California. For the remaining stops, click here.

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